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2 machines for cleaning the building infrastructure, architectural barriers, means of transport monuments etc. ..
2 mobile units equipped for the operation on the road.
1 mobile unit for a road work
1 Generator to work independently in any place
2 tanks which allow for working  independently of access to water

Our processes
Our company policy aimed at environmentally friendly development has led us to a technology which thanks to the use of solely water without acid additives or sands results in being100% environmentally friendly..

Our machine uses a volumetric pump capable of reaching pressure of 2500 bar.
Thanks to the various pressure settings, we can clean all types of surfaces, from the most sensitive to the cement surfaces , from materials made of stone to the asphalt.
Using a rotating manual pistol which is very light and easy to use, allows us to reach any area ofwork.

Cleaning actions are:
Cleaning pavings
Removing Graffiti
Removing smog
Removing flora and microflora
Removing illegal billboards
Removing road markings
Removing chewing gum
Cleaning monuments
Precise cleaning
Removing vulcanized rubber from moulds
Grease and pollutants from a  machinery

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